Revelation or Reflex: Are You Leading from Vision or from Memory?

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“A wise teacher takes out treasures both new and old.” - Jesus 

Do you remember learning to ride a bike?

The wobbly wheels, the shaky handle bars, and painful spills that came without notice?

When you first get started as a leader in any arena (pastor, parent, company president, etc), everything feels like those early days of riding a bike without training wheels.

You feel small, inadequate, and unsteady.

But through preparation, prayer, and persistence you rise and meet the challenge.

Diligence pays off and your leadership acumen begins to grow.

The vision starts to become a reality.

Soon, like an accomplished bike rider you are zipping up and down the streets with no thought to staying balanced.

What once was such a chore is now second nature.

Your experience has made you strong.

But it is in this place where things can get tricky for leader with a positive track record.

Without even realizing it, the experienced leader ceases to lead from revelation and influences solely on reflex.

Memory replaces vision, and drawing on history becomes the only way that they know to shape the future.

Without vision, their leadership carries a blindness that blunts its effectiveness.

Because they are so enamored with looking backward, the fact that they can’t see forward doesn’t matter.

And their followers pay the price for the lack of insight.

But you can avoid all of this by remembering one important principle:

The best leaders lead with a powerful blend of revelation AND reflex, memory AND vision.

They draw on what they know, but are still reaching to learn, grow, and experience more.

Leaders like that don’t simply ride.

These leaders soar.

So don’t be content to just ride.


“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”- Steve Jobs

Question: Take a minute to evaluate yourself as a leader in whatever arena that you influence. Are you leading from vision or memory, reflex or revelation? 

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