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Me & My Hightop Fade: What Will Your Life Look Like in 2025?

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I used to have a high top fade. I wore Hammer pants and shiny shoes with steel toes. I owned a purple double breasted suit with 200 or 300 buttons…


One More Round: A Knockdown Isn’t a Knockout

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You’ve been knocked down. You are dizzy. The room is spinning The referee is counting. A voice is whispering in your ear to stay down. But something inside you says…


The Magic of Starting

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You’re waiting for the perfect time. That pristine moment. When the stars are aligned and the moon is in the exact right place. When you are feeling good. When you…


Big and Tall You: Grow Today & Be Ready for Tomorrow (And Do it Cheaply!)

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Above is Sultan Kosen a Turkish farmer who is also the tallest man in the world at 8 feet 3 inches. He is standing next to 6’11 NBA Center and…